Are you a fan of Japanese culture—manga, anime, pop art, fashion, and J-pop—and want to understand them in Japanese? Or are you interested in taking your Japanese language skills to the next level? Whatever your interests, BNG has the perfect Japanese class for you.

In-Person Classes

Classes are held every Saturday in Brooklyn and feature an exciting, effective curriculum that combines Japanese speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Please email us to find more about our in-person classes.

In-Person One-on-one Classes

Individualized Japanese tutoring sessions cater to individuals seeking significant enhancement in their language proficiency, those targeting elevated scores in exams like JLPT, AP, IB, and others, or those desiring group lessons with your friends.

This personalized approach ensures focused learning tailored to your needs. Session scheduling and locations vary based on instructor availability; kindly reach out to us for further information.

Online Classes (General Japanese)

Available Monday-Friday on a flexible schedule, from 1-on-1 private classes to group classes of 3 or more students. Times and dates will depend on instructor availability. May be combined with in-person classes.

Age range: 10-adults

Students will enhance their Japanese language skills through classes that are tailored to individual or group levels and needs. The well-balanced curriculum features speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Open to all levels, from total beginners to Japanese speakers.

  • Private Classes: A 1-on-1 tutorial tailored to each student’s Japanese level and needs.
  • Group Classes: A class for 3 or more people tailored to the group’s Japanese level and needs. Invite friends!

Online Specialty Classes

  • Enjoy Manga!
    Learn Japanese while reading your favorite manga. Recommended for manga and anime fans.
  • Hiragana • Katakana Class
    For students who want to master Hiragana & Katakana.
  • Let’s Learn Kanji!
    A fun, easy-to-follow introduction to Kanji. Recommended for students who already know Hiragana & Katakana.
  • Japanese Conversation
    For Japanese speakers who want to improve their conversational skills.
  • Japanese Language Proficiency Test Prep
    For those preparing to take the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT). Courses will be tailored to the specific test level.
  • Business Japanese
    Learn essential business Japanese from instructors with an extensive business background. Students will also learn important professional customs and manners.
  • Learn directly from highly experienced Japanese instructors.
  • Discover Japanese culture and society through language-learning.

  • All levels welcome, from first-timers to Japanese speakers.